Coaches’ Corner

Warm-up of Champions

A warm-up dedicated to mobility and flexibility that will leave you raring to go for the game. No more half-hearted warming up!

1. Active Straight Leg Raise x 6/leg
Lie on your back and bring each leg up as far back as you can go and down – slow and controlled is better than speed

2. Kneeling hip flexor stretch x 30 seconds/side
Kneel and bring one foot forward – push raised knee forward as far as it will go

3. Bretzel stretch x 30 seconds/side
Lie on side and bring left knee over to the ground. Bring right foot up towards your thigh and stretch. Repeat on other side.

4. Kneeling thoracic rotations x 6/side
Kneel with both hands on floor. Place one hand on your neck and rotate elbow up and down.

5. Hamstring lunges x 6/side

6. Overhead Walking lunges x 6/side
Lunges with your arms straight above your head with palms facing in.

7. Lateral lunges x 6/side
Stand with legs apart and lunge to the side.

8. Inch worm x 6
Stand with legs straight and touch the floor. Walk hands across the floor in front of you then walk your feet in behind to arrive back at a standing position.

9. Squat to stand x 6

10. Bear Crawl
Crawl with opposite hands to legs and bum down!

11. High plank elbow touches x 10 side

12. Air Squat – against wall

13. High knee skips



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