Player Profiles

Want to know more about your team-mates? Or perhaps even your potential opposition? Here you will find profiles on our players, with a new player added regularly.

Name: Fungai MukukuFungai_cropped

Originally from: Zimbabwe

Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here:  2014, came to study my Masters Degree. Chose Switzerland because my fiance is from here and now we plan to stay. It is lovely!

Your job / profession:  Student

A few hobbies: Dancing, baking, DIY crafts, singing

Started playing netball:  In primary school

Your favourite position: Used to be GA but after 5 years of not playing, I realised that I did not have a favourite position anymore.

A memorable netball moment When I was selected as “Netball Player of the Year” in High School. What a great feeling!

What you like about the club: So many friendly girls! We have the possibility to get fit and make friends while we are at it. I really like that!

Name: Sophie CluttonSophie_photo-51

Originally from: England

Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here: I moved here officially in the Summer of 2012 as my boyfriend had been offered a job here.

Your job / profession: Kindergarten Teacher

A few hobbies: running, travelling, socialising with friends

Started playing netball: When I was about 8 years old in Primary school.

Your favourite position: GA/GS

A memorable netball moment: Winning the Kent Regional School Tournament. I was captain and very proud! I was also 10 years old 🙂

What you like about the club: The other girls! They are great fun and also make me laugh. The train journey to netball is always so much fun.


Name: Sarah Hannibal Sarah Hannibal
Originally from: Essex, England
Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here: 2014 for a job and boyfriend (both were in place before I moved!)
Your job / profession: Trainee Actuary
A few hobbies: Skiing, hiking, netball and anything which is outdoors.
Started playing netball: 1998
Your favourite position: C and GD
A memorable netball moment: Beating Cambridge University during my final year varsity match – all the training and hardwork paid off.
What you like about the Zurich Netball Club: Netball and the friendly English speaking people 🙂


Name: Naime Buikema Sabadi



 Originally from: Papua New Guinea
Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here: I came here on 10/06/2014 to stay with my partner to learn and explore more about Switzerland
Your job / profession: Housewife
A few hobbies: Playing guitar
Started playing netball: 10-11 years ago
Your favourite position: GK/GD
A memorable netball moment: 2014 Peppermill Games!
What you like about the Zurich Netball Club: I like Zurich Netball Club because you people are so friendly, supportive and encouraging on how to become the best sports person etc. We never give up in TEAM ZURICH NETBALL!!! 

Name:  Rabinder SandhuRabinder Netball Pic
Originally from: London
Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here:  At the end of 2007, for work. I transferred from the London to Zurich office.
Your job / profession: Banking
A few hobbies: Watching football, going to different classes at my gym, travelling, reading/watching anything related to Iceland!
Started playing netball: When I was about 10. I didn’t play at all between leaving high school and joining ZNC in 2014.
Your favourite position: Still trying to figure it out…somewhere in the middle, I think!
A memorable netball moment: Peppermill Tournament last year.
What you like about the club:  Meeting lots of new people and the socials!

Name:  Christine Gudmandsen photo
Originally from:Copenhagen, Denmark
Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here:  After having lived abroad most of my life, my boyfriend and I moved to Zurich in January 2013 to settle down. At least for a few years untill we find ourselves exploring new countries.
Your job / profession: Relationship Marketing Specialist at eBay
A few hobbies: Lots of travelling – I am away most weekends! Besides from that cooking, sports and shopping.
Started playing netball: In 2002, when I moved to South Africa with my family and started high school.
Your favourite position: GA all the way!!!
A memorable netball moment: Hmm… Probably getting selected for the Guateng Province team in South Africa and playing with the U21 Indoor SA Team in 2006. But now is the time for many new memorable moments!
What you like about the club:   I like that the club is such a big mixture of people from all over the world and with very different backgrounds and professions. It is also a great club to join if you are new in Zurich or just want to meet new international people and learn a new crazy sport.

Name: Johanna (Joh) Sargeant218808_10150593528915523_3711733_o
Originally from: Perth, Australia
Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here:  2010. My husband and I were looking for somewhere to stop for a while after cycling and camping around Europe for nine months, and Switzerland was super pretty! Turns out we just haven’t left yet… and now we aren’t planning to. It’s just a beautiful country!
Your job / profession: Juggling my novel writing amongst the chaos that is motherhood (my little boy is one). I’m trained as an English teacher.
A few hobbies: Writing, playing guitar and singing, cooking, drinking wine on our balcony with friends 🙂
Started playing netball: When I was 6, playing for my older sister’s team because I was so tall (some things never change).
Your favourite position: GS
A memorable netball moment: SO MANY! Memorable doesn’t necessarily mean good… so I’m going to choose the moment when I missed the easiest goal that would have won us the game when Switzerland played Gibraltar at the European Championships recently. I’ll never forget THAT! But on a more positive note, when Zurich’s A team won the grand final at the 2012 Peppermill Challenge in Lausanne, with my Mum and my little boy (then four months) watching on.
What you like about the club:  I just love that there is a chance to play netball while living here! I had never imagined that was possible, and it has brought me so many amazing friends and memories. It is such a great part of my life here in Switzerland now.

Name: Jennifer Hartley45228_1556632604302_6492908_n
Originally from: Wiltshire, UK
Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here:  It was a joint decision with my boyfriend. We were deciding between Amsterdam, Barcelona or Zurich. Five years later, I know we made the right choice Smile
Your job / profession: Financial Controller at a soft drinks company
A few hobbies: Travelling, reading, learning languages, hiking, skiing
Started playing netball: At primary school
Your favourite position: WA
A memorable netball moment: Playing at the club’s first outing to an international tournament, in Stockholm in 2010, realising that the whole thing was becoming much bigger, and being part of that! Another highlight was having my sister, Cat, representing our club twice.
What you like about the club:  I’m really looking forward to Zurich hosting the Peppermill challenge soon! And I’m really pleased to see the Zug club getting up and running.


Name: Lorna Rettig
Netball Switzerland European World Ranking Tournament Gibraltar June 7-10 2012
Originally from: Glasgow, Scotland
Year you moved to Switzerland and why you came here: 2005, for a new job
Your job / profession: Medical Information Leader at Roche. If you have a question about a Roche product, you can ask me!
A few hobbies: Reading, curling, swimming in the lake
Started playing netball: 30 years ago. Yes I am that old.
Your favourite position: GS/GK
A memorable netball moment: Victory for Switzerland against Israel in Gibraltar 2012. A cathartic moment.
What you like about the club: I find it a wonderful thing that we created something very special from nothing, that we purposely did it the long and tiring way, and that we are now rewarded with an active league, half the national team, and the Peppermill.

Name:  Jess Dabbs DSCF6363

Originally from: London, UK.

Year you moved to Switzerland and why: I moved to Zurich in May 2011 to start a new job.

Your job / profession: I‘m an English qualified solicitor and work with private clients helping them with tax and succession planning.

A few hobbies: Skiing, hiking and volunteering for the Girl Guides.

Began playing netball: I started playing netball when I was 7 years old at primary school. In the UK most schools play netball. I’ve played on and off since then.

Your favourite position: Goal keeper – when I started playing at 7 I was tall for my age. I’m now an average height, but feel most comfortable in the goal third.

A memorable netball moment: Winning a school netball tournament when I was 11 in the pouring rain.

What you like about the club: I like that the club has players of all abilities and everybody helps, trains and encourages each other.

Name: Jo Cackett

Originally from: Kent, UK.

Year you moved to Switzerland and why: 2008, for a job. I had to choose between flat, rainy Belgium and Switzerland. Switzerland won!

Your job / profession: I work in IT system support for EF Education.

A few hobbies: Sport, obviously (swimming, skiing, running). I also blog about all sorts of things on and I love travelling.

Began playing netball: In primary school, but then I didn’t play between secondary school and coming to Switzerland.

Your favourite position: Centre

A memorable netball moment: There are so many! Being part of the team that got Switzerland a place on the international ranking table in Gibraltar 2012, and also Zurich winning the Peppermill trophy in 2012.

What you like about the club: I love how much the club and the sport has grown. We started playing on a car park near the airport and now we’re going to need a trophy cabinet soon! I love the international atmosphere of the club!


Name: Claudia AlmerDSC01856-001

Country of Origin: Australia

Year you moved to Switzerland and why: 2011 because I’ve always wanted to live in Europe. I found a job so stuck around.

Your job / profession: I.T. for a bank

A few hobbies:  Netball, music, movies, books, and  hanging out with friends over a bottle of wine.

Began playing netball: When I was 9

Your favourite position: GK

A memorable netball moment: So many! Most recently, winning Player of the League 🙂 Thanks girls!

What you like about the club: As has been said, everybody is so friendly!! A great mix of people with different netball abilities, all looking to improve while having fun 🙂

Name: Christine Gutgesell

Country of Origin: Germany (Coburg, Franconia)

Year you moved to Switzerland and why: 2010 – my boyfriend got a job offer he couldn’t refuse 🙂

Your job / profession: I’m a self-employed proofreader and editor.

A few hobbies:  Travelling, photography, friends, exploring Switzerland with my motorbikes, sports — and especially netball, of course.

Began playing netball: 27th April 2011, 7 pm 🙂

Your favourite position: GD and GA

A memorable netball moment: When I received the prize for ‘most improved’.

What you like about the club: Playing a wonderful and sometimes weird (at least for me — all those crazy rules!) ball game with a bunch of awesome girls (and sometimes guys) and improving my English while having lots of fun.

Name: BarbaraGK

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Year you moved to Switzerland and why: Born and raised in Switzerland

Your job / profession: Research Associate at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur

A few hobbies:  reading, netball, travelling, family and friends

Began playing netball: roughly a year ago at the end of 2011

Your favourite position: GK

A memorable netball moment: The So-La run I participated with some other Netball girls. It made me run 🙂 not something I would have started otherwise

What you like about the club: the diversity of the club and the ladies – we are all from different corners of the world but we have a great time playing together

Name: Anna Currie 

Country of Origin: Scotland

Year you moved to Switzerland why: Moved for a job working for a luxury travel website.

Your job / profession: I’m a jack of all trades since I work at a startup as one of 3 employees but mainly I’m a copywriter for the website and do a lot of the PR and social media promotions for the company.

A few hobbies:  Playing the fiddle, going to gigs of all types, cycling and hiking

Began playing netball: In April 2012… that’s why I keep dropping the ball still.

Your favourite position: Currently trying GD on for size, going well so far (one game in)

A memorable netball moment: being part of the last Lions League with my nice team

What you like about the club: I really like that everyone is so friendly, and no one has even bullied me for my Scottish accent yet which is usually standard!

Name: Ann Northfield

Country of Origin: Shrewsbury, England

Year you moved to Switzerland why: 2006, for my husband’s job

Your job / profession: English Literature teacher at an International School

A few hobbies: Reading, watching football, attempting to cook, watching films, drinking wine oh and playing netball

Began playing netball: When I was 8

Your favourite position: GD/GA

A memorable netball moment: Winning in Lausanne to become Swiss Champions :)

What you like about the club: People are very friendly and welcoming. Having the chance to play competitively again is fab! It would be great to play more often.

Name: Anne Marie Wirth 

Country of Origin: Hamburg & Freiburg in Germany, but I still feel more at home in London

Year you moved to Switzerland why: 2009, for work and to be closer to my family

Your job / profession: Tax advisor

A few hobbies: Ballroom dancing, music, travelling

Began playing netball: 2011

Your favourite position: WA

A memorable netball moment: Hmm, given the short time I have played there isn’t really one memorable moment yet but I really loved playing for the Matterhorn team in our league!

What you like about the club: The easygoing (well, unless we happen to play each other) and international atmosphere. Just keep doing such a great job!


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