Player Profiles

Want to know more about your team-mates? Or perhaps even your potential opposition? Here you will find profiles on our players, with a new player added regularly.

Name: Emma Schwarzwälder


Country of Origin: UK

Day Job: Process Engineer

Dream Job as a Child: There were so many… maybe a lawyer?

Favourite Netball Position: GD

Years in Switzerland: 8

Year as a member of ZNC: 3

Hobbies (outside of netball): Fit boxing with Sportegration and reading (New Years Resolution going strong since 2019)

Pet Hates: When people don’t make space for you on the pavement

Favourite Food: Is brunch a food? (It’s a whole meal but we’ll let you have it!)

Hidden Talent: I like to think I’m pretty good at wordsearches

Training Motto: Just try your best and have fun!

Best Thing About ZNC: The people of course! We have such a laugh at every training session. It’s a great way to relax and keep fit at the same time.

Most Likely To: Be checking who’s signed up on this week’s training Doodle!


Name: Lorna Rettig

Committee Position: Tournament/External Events

Country of Origin: UK

Day Job: Medical Writer

Dream Job as a Child: Bond Girl

Favourite Netball Position: GS

Years in Switzerland: 15

Year as a member of ZNC: 11 – since day 1!

Hobbies (outside of netball): Curling, craft, pets (especially cats)

Pet Hates: Drama

Favourite Food: Crumpets with butter

Hidden Talent: Cooking the World’s best scrambled eggs – only her, her mum and her sister Susan alone in all the world know the proper technique!

Training Motto: ‘We do the best we can, with what we have today’ – stolen from Andy Murray

Best Thing About ZNC: The consistently positive and supportive atmosphere

Most Likely To: Be organising anything and everything!


Name: Claudia Almer

Committee Position: President/Head Coach

Country of Origin: Australia

Day Job: IT Manager

Dream Job as a Child: National Park Ranger

Favourite Netball Position: GK

Years in Switzerland: 9

Year as a member of ZNC: 8

Hobbies (outside of netball): walking in the forest, finding new books to read (and sometimes even reading them) and yoga

Pet Hates: Littering and idiocy

Favourite Food: Spag bol (made by my Dad) and T-Bone Steak

Hidden Talent: Amazingly good at creating Brio train tracks

Training Motto: Always go all out

Best Thing About ZNC: Everyone is so lovely. I’ve made so many life long friends through the club

Most Likely To: Be complaining about how cold it is!

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