The Committee

At the AGM in December 2019 it was agreed to increase the number of committee members from 4 to 6 in order to make the workload more manageable and so that we can deliver more netball and social events for all members of Zurich Netball Club to enjoy.

 The following members were elected to the committee for 2020:

President/Head Coach: Claudia Almer
Treasurer: Jess Brown
Secretary (Attendance): Emma Schwarzwälder
Secretary (Minutes): Jess Van Rossum
Social Media: Lyndsay Lomax
Tournaments: Lorna Rettig


The new committee members (l to r – Lorna, Lyndsay, Jess VR, Jess B, Claudia and Emma) busy planning for the 2020 season in January.

The committee meet on a regular basis to discuss and plan training and events.

All of the dates for the upcoming meetings and the agendas are available in the Club Calendar. When the minutes have been written up, they will be uploaded in the Club Calendar so you can see what has been discussed and what the latest action points are.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments for the committee, feel free to come chat to us at training, or if you prefer please send an email to

We are always on the look-out for more volunteers for the club. Get in touch if you would like to help out!

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