Membership and Fees

Everyone is welcome to join us for up to 3 trainings at the club for free. During these sessions you will be able to get an idea of what training is like, get to know the other members and, if you are new to the sport, see how much you like netball. We are convinced after you have been with us for these sessions that you won’t just like netball, you will love it!

After your free trial sessions, a member of the committee will contact you via email to let you know that your trial session is up and to ask you to become a member. Being a member means you can come as many training sessions as you like during the year, represent the club at tournaments and participate in events run by the club, such as umpiring courses and social events.

Membership fees go towards entry to tournaments, equipment, social events and many other things members benefit from.

Our season runs from September – August, every year. A yearly standard membership is 120 CHF, which works out at 10 CHF a month. Once you decide to join you would need to pay for the rest of the season. For example, if you start attending training in November you would just pay 100 CHF.

If you participate in the Swiss Netball League, it is an additional 30 CHF, and if you participate in the annual Peppermill tournament, it is an additional 15 CHF.

If you are only in Zurich for a set amount of time because you are studying, etc. please let us know and we will sort out a suitable payment plan for you.

Members who are renewing their subscription should transfer 120 CHF before the end of September.

Below are the bank details for you to pay your membership fees:

Account 85-654816-5 CHF
IBAN CH38 0900 0000 8565 4816 5
Name: Zürich Netball Club

Or you can pay our Treasurer via TWINT, please reach out to the Committee if you’d like to pay this way:

Please remember to add your name in the note for the beneficiary so that we know you have paid!


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