Lion’s League – The Half-Way Results

Well, folks, our current Lion’s League season is half-way through. Can you believe it? As the weather begins to show real signs that summer still exists, we have been playing and training outdoors for the last few weeks. We’d love to see more of you at our in-between training sessions! How could you not want to sign up with such artful names as Decisive Defending, Mastering Mid-Court and The Art of Attack. And if you see yourself as merely one of these, remember that the BEST netballers are those that are versatile! And a player becomes a real powerhouse when they know exactly what their opposition is up to… So come along! 

And now it’s time for our Lion’s League run-down — a summary of how teams are going so far. We’ve lost a few players along the way to work commitments, injuries and such, which is a shame, and we hope to see them all back on court as soon as possible. Your teams are missing you! Team D is currently in a definitive first place, though they have only actually played and won one ‘official’ game – every other time their opponent sadly has had to forfeit. So let’s all prove to our team how committed we are for the next half!

Results Thus Far:

5 points for win
3 points for draw
1 point for a loss with more than 50 % of the goals
0 points for loss with less than 50% of the goals

Team A: Schläfli, (Captain: Ann) = 6 points
Team B: Badiblüemli, (Captain: Lara) = 10 points
Team C: Heugümper, (Captain: Anne Marie and Deborah) = 2 points
Team D: Luusmeitli, (Captain: Jenny) = 20 points

8th May
A vs B -> 25:8
C vs D -> 14:27

22nd May

D was the only complete team, all others forfeited.

5th June
A vs D (A forfeit)
B vs C -> 24:18

19th June
C vs D (C forfeit)
A vs B -> 22:23  (GREAT game, ladies!)

Remember, girls and guys (where are all our men, by the way?), we are only half way through the season!

Anything can happen! 


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