Tournament Season is upon us!

Can you believe that we have THREE upcoming tournaments? It’s almost as if netball is starting to make some ground in Switzerland! Woop!

This weekend is the Copenhagen tournament, and we wish both teams from Zurich Netball Club the best of luck. Let’s get those cow-bells a-ringing!

Basel has recently started up their own netball club and are hosting a friendly tournament on Saturday 21st of September. Let’s all go along and support a beginning club!

And then there’s the big one… The Peppermill Challenge, Switzerland’s national tournament that pits us against the big-wigs of the French side: Saturday October 12th.  Last year we brought the trophy  over the rösti line for the first time, and we are most definitely working on making that happen again! We’re happy to welcome the new Zug club (woot!) into the mix too! Yay for closer netball clubs! We will have two trials for this tournament to ensure we send the best team we can.

The winners of the 2012 Peppermill Challenge: Zurich! Let’s do it again! 
Interested in bringing a friend to netball one night? Now is a great time! Spread the word, and see you Wednesday!

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