Winter League

We had some constructive and thoughtful feedback from members about the last League, so thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts!

In response to the feedback, we will run the Winter League with one long game every match night. Teams will be expected to provide umpires and time-keepers/scorers on the nights when they don’t have a match.

We have also decided on dates for the whole league so people are aware of them when they sign up – we hope this will encourage attendance at matches, reduce forfeits and ensure more balanced teams. (This is based on 3 teams, so that each team can have a big enough squad to field the minimum number of players for every match)



16th Oct     Pre-League Social in Bar Si o No
23rd Oct     MATCH A vs B [C Umpires]
30th Oct     MATCH A vs C  [B Umpries]
7th Nov      TRAINING
13th Nov     MATCH B vs C [A Umpires]
20th Nov     MATCH B vs A [C Umpires]
27th Nov     TRAINING
4th Dec        MATCH C vs A [B Umpires]
11th Dec      MATCH C vs B [A Umpires]

Please ONLY sign up if you can make the majority of match nights – however, the sign-up form ALSO has an option if you want to put your name on a reserves list if you think you’ll only be able to make it occasionally.




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