So who won the Lion’s League?


After some high drama over a lost score sheet that eventually turned up hidden in a kit bag… here are the results of the latest Lion’s League which ran from October to Christmas.

The results:
23rd October, A vs B: 33:51
Team A: 1 point, team B: 5 points

30th October, A vs C: 45:29
Team A: 5 points, team C: 1 point

13th November, B vs C: forfeit
Team B: 0 points, team C: 5 points

20th November, B vs A: 31:51
Team B: 1 point, team A: 5 points

4th December, C vs A: 27:39
Team C: 1 point, team A: 5 points

11th December, C vs B: forfeit
Team C: 0 points, team B: 5 points

So… the drumroll for winners:

Team A: 16 points

(narrowly followed by Team B: 11 points and Team C: 7 points)

Well done to Afke, Ann, Christine, Jess, Leah, Marie, Rhia, Rosie and Tia of Team A – and many thanks to Phil and all players who gave up their non-playing evenings to umpire, note scores and keep time: it’s very much appreciated. And thanks to Chriglä for amalgamating the score cards to make the results!

Turnout was much better this time and we hope you all had fun! If you have any feedback about the League, please feel free to email the Committee and we will take a note of your comments for future league organisation.


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