Committee + AGM: Wed 5th February

We have decided to postpone the AGM to 5th February to give people more time to sign up for the committee.

 As you may know, Zurich Netball Club is currently looking for new committee members to fill all positions. At the AGM, all current members of the committee will step down, with the exception of our Assistant Coach, Claudia. So whatever you’re good at, there’s space for you to get involved.
While all current members are stepping down to personal reasons, all of us have enjoyed being on the committee, being more involved with the club and overseeing the club’s growth from a handful of people to a much larger organisation. 

A new committee means some new energy and the chance for new committee members to drive the club forward. Joining the committee is your chance to make sure the club meets the needs of its members, which is the most important thing the club has to do!

So if you have been thinking about it, we strongly encourage you to take the plunge – you can sign up just by emailing the club secretary on

As usual if you have any questions, just get in touch with us!


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