May Madness

To encourage everyone to come to netball this fine spring weather, we would like to invite you to join May Madness 2014.

This is how it works:

  • 1. Come to netball on 4 consecutive Wednesdays (April 30th, May 7th, 14th, 21st)
  • 2. We will give you an actual gold star
  • 3. If you come on all 4 Wednesdays, we’ll pay for your drinks at our May Madness social on Thurs May 22nd from 7pm at Iroquois on Seefeldstrasse.

Reasons why you should come to May Madness:

  • 1. You will be in tip-top shape for our forthcoming matches against Zug
  • 2. You’ll feel super sociable seeing all your netball pals every week
  • 3. You will be proud of yourself for getting through Claudia’s horrible fitness drills

We’ll register everyone who wants to take part on the first Monday (April 30th) – see you all there!


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