Leopard’s League results!

The Summer Leopard’s League came to an end a couple of weeks ago, and we took the opportunity to celebrate in true Zurich Summer style at the Frauenbadi. The leopard league was over a six week period and we had two great competitive teams the ‘Alligators’ and the ‘Crocodiles’. Due to the lack of Summer weather we only got to play four of the six matches, but each match was tight with only a few goals to spare.

1st Match: Winners Alligators
2nd Match: Winners Crocodiles 
3rd Match: Winners Crocodiles 
4th Match: Rained off
5th Match Winners Crocodiles

6th Match: Rained off

The ‘Crocodiles’ were the winners, winning three of the four games played! CROC CROC CROCODILES!!
The league ran really smoothly with a great turn out for both teams! A big thanks and well done to both teams and our umpires!

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