Easter Madness

April was another fantastic month for the club. Although we had less trainings with all the bank holidays, we ended off the month strong with a league match against AGNA in Geneva.

The team set their early morning alarms, which have now become a ritual, and set out to Geneva. AGNA took the early advantage meaning the Zurich ladies began to chase right off the bat, and what a chase it was. The match finished 33-30 to AGNA. It’s safe to say at this point that we always seem to end up in these close battles, but as always we had such a fun match and really look forward to playing AGNA again. Our next league game will be on the 10th June against GGNA and will be the final game of the season… meaning it is also one of the deciding games on who will take the Matterhorn Crown, GIN or GGNA?

In other news, May will be a busy month with 2 big events. A group of players will be heading to Stockholm for our first International Tournament in a few years to play the likes of Paris and Stockholm. In additional some of our very own ZNC players will be heading to Cardiff for the European Open with the Swiss National Team. They will go head to head against, Israel, Gibraltar and France. Good luck to all our players in the coming month and keep a close eye on the instagram for all the results!

If you’re looking to keep up to date with all the news and events at Zurich Netball, give us a follow on our Instagram @zurichnetball! For anyone looking to join the club drop us an email at zurichnetball@gmail.com we would love to welcome you.


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