Lausanne’s Peppermill Challenge: Another victory for Zurich!

          We here at Zurich Netball Club had been looking forward to Lausanne’s Peppermill Challenge for weeks – a chance to test our skills against all other netball clubs throughout Switzerland. The tournament took place on September 30th, and we all breathed a great sigh of relief when the final decision was made for the tournament to go ahead, despite the possibility of bad weather. There had been too much excitement and preparation to cancel at the last minute!
          Zurich’s A, B and C teams travelled across the country to play the sport we all love. Decked out in our gorgeous new kits, we all played to a level we can be proud of. Zurich’s C team won one game out of four, and all played with great team spirit and motivation – as usual! The B team won two out of their four games, sadly just missing out on getting into the semi-finals when they lost to Geneva’s Gin 9-6, putting up a tough competition throughout.  The B team’s captain, Deborah, managed to nab one of the coveted pepper mills when she was voted by other players as one of the players of the day – Congratulations Deborah! Zurich’s A team won all four games initially, sending them into the semi-finals, where they beat Gin. Nerves were high during the final, but Zurich managed to convincingly beat Lancy and bring home the peppermill. We might need to invest in a trophy cabinet if we keep this up!
          A number of our members also attended a morning umpiring session run by Peta, our resident expert umpire, and managed to hone their skills so that we can hopefully soon have a number of badged umpires in our squad. A big thank you to all our members who put their hand up to umpire on the day – we all know that it can be a tough job, particularly in a competitive tournament such as this one.
          All players, as always, brought their absolute best to the day, making Zurich Netball Club a club that we can all be proud to be a part of. ImageImageImage

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