Zurich International Netball Tournament — A Success!

Dark clouds did not deter us, rains did not halt our step! The Zurich International Netball Tournament went on, and was a raging success!

The official competitive tournament took place on the Saturday, with five teams battling it out from 10am until 5pm. A high standard of netball and great sportsmanship shown by each and every player from all teams. It was a little unfortunate that Zurich’s reputation as the most expensive city in the world meant that a couple of teams had to pull out as the tournament got closer, but, in the end, there was a full day of netball played by everyone, which is really all that we were looking for. What a treat it was to be able to play so much of that sport we love! And the icing on the cake? A very close grand final between Zurich’s A team and Copenhagen, with Zurich winning the title and keeping that enormous engraved cow bell trophy at home.

The sun greeted us all again on the Sunday, allowing all those willing to stretch those sore and tired muscles to play a day of versatility netball. Official teams were scrapped, and we found ourselves playing with our opponents from the day before. The teams were fairly evenly matched, with the points level at the end of the first round-robin. However, the Philadelphians finally got the better of both the Exploding Penguins and the Pink Ladies, and were rewarded for their general all-round awesomeness with Toblerones. We finished the weekend with a pot-luck picnic lunch put on by the International School.

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A big thank you to our amazing club president, Jenny Evans, who organised such a fulfilling weekend, to all those from the club that contributed in so many ways, and to all the players for bringing their all.


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