Squad selections for upcoming tournaments

With the Zurich International Netball Tournament coming up on September 1 and the Peppermill Challenge in Lausanne on September 30, it was time to sort our every-growing club into three teams. Our club is now large enough to be able to form an A, B and C team, which we can all be very proud of! Wednesday evening’s selections involved some very difficult decisions from our club president, Jenny, and our Netball Switzerland representative, Peta. Considering the scorching heat, all players played exceptionally well, and there was much talk of how the overall standard has improved dramatically since just a few months ago.

Some difficult decisions had to be made in order to create the best combinations of players. Congratulations to the team captains, Mollie, Deborah and Christine – we all know you  will represent your teams and our club like the superstars that you are!

Our next couple of training sessions before the Zurich International Netball Tournament will be held as three separate squads, allowing each to focus on match skills, set plays and training specific to the team’s needs.


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