International Athletes in our Midst!

Finally a ten minute break!

Finally a ten minute break!

Zurich Netball Club is so immensely proud of our girls!  A few months ago we were all given the opportunity to sign up for two weekends of training and trials to be a part of the Swiss Open Netball Team, planning to play in the European Open Championships in Scotland later this year. Not only did we have players attend with the hopes of being selected, we also had a few eager beavers brave the early train simply in order to learn from the highly experienced coaches and to have another weekend of their favourite sport.

An enormous congratulations to the following ladies who are now going to Aberdeen in May, proudly displaying the red and white! Claudia Almer, Mollie Brodie, Konio Cotti, Ann Northfield, Lorna Rettig, Johanna Sargeant and Gillian Towns (reserve)


One day we dream of all courts in Switzerland having netball lines!

Both weekends began with fitness work (‘beep test’ is now a dirty word) and specific netball drills that focused on ball skills, timing, reading your fellow players, movement and bodily awareness. And the, of course, a lot of netball! It was great to meet and make friends with members from other clubs around Switzerland, as well as to have a weekend away with some of our members.

All of those who attended are eager to bring their newfound skills and knowledge back to Zurich Netball Club for future trainings – we will all be super-fit elite netballers in no time!

A few of our girls enjoying a well deserved beer on the way home.

A few of our girls enjoying a well deserved beer on the way home.


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