Welcome to the Matterhorn League!

As the cool autumn breeze begins to blow in, the Netball season in Switzerland officially kicked off! This season Swiss Netball introduced a new league format whereby all the clubs head to one venue and play their matches on the same day.

The Matterhorn League

Last year we were promoted to the Matterhorn League (yay!), so on the 15th October, we headed down to Lausanne for our first match of the season against last years Matterhorn Division winners: GIN (Geneva International Netball).

We played our hearts out, working together and developing our skills thanks to our brilliant coach Annette. The game finished 55-28, so a huge congratulations to GIN and we can’t wait for our rematch! Our next match is on 3rd of December in Geneva, where we will take on AGNA (Aubonne Girls Netball Association) at 11:30am. Thank you to all our supporters and players in the league game, we hope to see you there!

October trainings saw a big focus this month on DEFENCE! An essential part of the game that is not only the responsibility of the defenders but also for those in attack. From tips to intercepts to body positioning!

Our New Committee

We recently welcomed 3 new committee members to the club:

  1. Leah (WA, GA) will be taking over events for the club. In her role she will be organising all events during and outside of training. So get prepared to get your nerd on a pub quizzes and other amazing social activities!
  2. Emily (GD, GK) is taking on social media and content creation responsibilities for the club, working with Chiara! We look forward to the upcoming posts and creativity she can bring to our platforms.
  3. Lauren (GK, GD) is taking on keeping our website up-to-date and sending out our comms to our lovely members!

Let’s get Spooky

It’s safe to say October has been a great hit and finished off with our Halloween themed training… spooky! Congratulations to Abby, the winner of our best dressed competition – you can find their great costumes on our Instagram page. If you’re looking for a bit more of Zurich Netball and keep up to date with all the news and events, give us a follow on our Instagram @zurichnetball or if you’d like to get involved at our next training session send us a message and show up on Tuesdays at 19:00 at ICS International School Zurich – all are welcome.


Success in Amsterdam!

On October 12th, Zürich Netball Club participated in the Amsterdam Netball Tournament alongside 17 other teams from cities all across Europe. Our Zürich team was Lorna, Jess, Sarah H, Becky, Konio and Claudia, joined by Sarah G from Geneva and Steph from Amsterdam. At the tournament we met up with old friends from other clubs, and made plenty new, sharing together our love of netball.

After a short grading round, Zürich were placed into the “Plate” Division (“Cup” and “Shield” were the other two). We played 5 games in the Plate Division, winning 4 and drawing 1. These results got us in the Finals, playing against the team we drew against, the Glamazons!

The finals were a tough match, but captain Lorna kept us focused and we fought through to win 14-6. Congratulations Züri! Our amazing GA Konio won MVP for the Zürich team. We had a great time both on court and off in Amsterdam.

Thank you to Amsterdam Netball Club for the wonderful tournament, can’t wait for the next one!

Netball World Cup!

It’s Netball World Cup time! Want to join some friendly expats watching the world’s best battle it out on court?


Zurich Netball Club is excited to invite you to watch the 2 final matches of this thrilling competition with us.

When: From 3pm Sunday 21st July
Where: Kennedy’s Irish Pub, Freischützgasse 14, 8004 Zürich (map)

See you there!

Netball Here, There and Everywhere

Last month, Zürich Netball Club competed in the Berlin Netball Tournament. The competition was strong with teams from Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels and Hamburg. After a tough day of matches, Zürich came 3rd out of 9! In addition, Zürich Netball Club were awarded “Friendliest Team”.


Well done ladies, we’re very proud of you, and looking very sharp in the bright pink tops.

The next tournament we are preparing for is Amsterdam in October! On the weekend of the 12th, there is expected to be 18 teams competing from all around Europe. Only a couple of months away, time to start training! Please reach out to the Zurich Netball Committee if you are interested in attending.


Due to the recent heatwave, we’ve had to replace our last couple of Wednesday night training sessions with Swim & Gin sessions. For the rest of July, we expect to be back on the court, though due to summer holidays, low attendance may move us back to the lake! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

Copenhagen Tournament in April

In April, 10 Zurich players visited Copenhagen, to join their Netball Tournament celebrating their 10 years as a club.


We spent Saturday on the netball courts playing against teams from all over Europe, including Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and Hamburg. It was a fantastic day, lots of fun, and a great netball experience for our girls. Though we only won a few games, the scorelines were always close. It was lovely to meet, greet and play against like-minded netball lovers from across the continent.

Saturday night we joined all the teams for a delicious meal and went on to celebrate further at a local cocktail bar, where each player was given an award for a personal feat they achieved during the competition.

On Sunday we explored the beautiful city of Copenhagen. We started with a lovely buffet breakfast (including chicken wings and maple sauce) and then enjoyed the sights by joining a free walking tour of the city. Much laughter was had by all!

There are many more tournaments planned for this year, including Berlin in June and Amsterdam in October. Want to join us? Please reach out to the Zurich Netball Committee at zurichnetball@gmail.com


First Match of the 2016 Summer League

Yesterday was the first match of the Zurich Netball Club 2016 Summer League.

In the evening sun our two teams, Sihl and Limmat, fought it out in a very exciting match. Both teams gave it their all, as is evident in the close score!

Q1: SIHL 12 vs LIMMAT 7
Q2: SIHL 12 vs LIMMAT 13
Q3: SIHL 7 vs LIMMAT 14
Q4: SIHL 14 vs LIMMAT 14

Final Score: SIHL 45 vs LIMMAT 48.

Congratulations Limmat! Stay tuned for next week’s Summer League match, to see if Limmat can gain another win or if Sihl will pull ahead. Who will be champions of the Summer League?

Lion’s League 2015

Final results

Congratulations to the proud winners of the 2015 Lion’s League Trophy, the Bernhardiners!!

Due to various factors, the league was reduced to three weeks, with each team having played 4 games. The final league table is as follows;

Team Games Won Lost Points for half of winning score Goals Scored Goals Conceded Goal Difference Points
Steinbocke 4 2 2 1 68 73 -5 7
Bernhardiner 4 2 2 2 57 50 7 8
Luchse 4 2 2 2 73 75 -2 8

All teams were very closely matched and the winning team came down to goal difference. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all players who participated in the league, especially to those who came all the way from Zug! Thank you for making it a fun and competitive league.

Congratulations to Team Bernhardiners!

Round three (12 August) – results

1st game – Luchse (17) vs Bernhardiner (16)

2nd game – Bernhardiner (15) vs Steinbocke (16)

Lion's League 2015 Round 3 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9

Round two (15 July) – results

1st game – Luchse (20) vs Steinbocke (13)

2nd game – Luchse (11) vs Bernhardiner (13)

Round one (8 July) – results

1st game – Steinbocke (33) vs Luchse (25).

2nd game – Steinbocke (6) vs Bernhardiners (13).

Click on the thumbnails to view image

Lion's League Game 1Lion's League Game 1Lion's League Game 1Lion's League Game 1Lion's League Game 1Lion's League Game 1Lion's League Game 1

Lion’s League 2015 – details!!

When: every Wednesday night for 6 weeks from 8th July to 12th August.

Where: Inter-Community School Zurich, Strubenacher 3, 8126 Zumikon. We take the S18 from Stadelhofen in Zurich to Waltikon at 18:33. Note – as it is Summer the school is closed, we will be playing on the outside courts.

How: There will be 2 games per night, with 9 minute quarters. The first game will start at 19:10, the second at 19:55. Game clock will start regardless of whether your team is ready to play – so please be on time!


08.07.2015 15.07.2015 22.07.2015 29.07.2015 05.08.2015 12.08.2015
Steinböcke vs Luchse Luchse vs Steinböcke Bernhardiner vs Steinböcke Steinböcke vs Bernhardiner Luchse vs Bernhardiner Bernhardiner vs Luchse
Steinböcke vs Bernhardiner Luchse vs Bernhardiner Bernhardiner vs Luchse Steinböcke vs Luchse Luchse vs Steinböcke Bernhardiner vs Steinböcke

Teams who are not playing will need to provide scorers, time keepers and 2 x umpires.

Team lists:

  • die Steinböcke – Gill, Katie, Lorna, Monica, Naime, Natasha, Tanya, Clare (Zurich), Anne
  • die Bernhardiner – Grace, Anna, Clare (Zug), Daana, Rosie, Sarah, Tara, Hayley, Casey
  • die Luchse – Afke, Barbara, Christine, Claudia, Vanessa, Helen, Leah, Rabinder

Please contact zurichnetball@gmail.com with any questions about the fixtures, team lists or league details!

Peppermill Tournament – 30 May 2015

Peppermill Tournament is Switzerland’s annual national netball competition, where teams from across the country compete in a day of netball, for the prize of the Peppermill Trophy (won by our very own Zurich A team for the last few years!). This year’s tournament is scheduled to take place on Saturday 30th May in Zug (more details to follow).

The Zurich Netball Club would like to several teams enter several teams, depending on interest. Trials will take place on 15th and 22nd of April during our normal netball training sessions. Our selection committee will be picking graded teams, taking into account a player’s experience, fitness and skill level, commitment, and which player combinations seem to work well together. If you would like to participate, please sign up using the form below so we can get an idea of how many teams we can put forward and what positions people are interested in. We would also still like you to sign up on the normal weekly doodles for the trial nights and training sessions, as per usual.


Things to note:

  • You should be an active paying club member in order to participate in the tournament. 
  • New club members of all standards are welcome to trial for Peppermill and should sign up in the same way.
  • Our expectations are that if you sign up you will attend at least one of the two trial nights, and at least 3 of the 5 training sessions in April/May leading up to the Peppermill tournament. 
  • If you would like to participate at Peppermill but can’t attend either trial night or a sufficient number of training sessions, please email and let us know about your circumstances.
  • Anyone who can’t make the tournament, please do try to come to the trial nights and training sessions anyway, to make sure we have full sized teams and allow trialling players to show off their skills in a proper match setting.
  • If you can’t play at Peppermill because of injury or pregnancy but would like to come along and help out e.g by umpiring or score keeping, that would also be great! Send us an email and let us know.

For more information, please send us an email zurichnetball@gmail.com

The Zürich squad at Peppermill 2014

The Zürich squad at Peppermill 2014


Zurich Netball League website update

Visit the new Zurich Netball League page on our website to view information about Switzerland’s first netball league; including match schedules, team lists (to come before Christmas), results of each match and other general information about the league. You will be able to leave comments about the matches once the league gets going, and we’ll try to get a few action shots too! Watch this space!

Click here to go directly to the Zurich Netball League page.

Countdown to Stockholm

17 days to go until we voyage to northern lands for our first international nebtalling experience since the club was founded.  The Stockholm International Netball Tournament will take place from 20th – 23rd August 2010, in Sweden. Thanks to the Stockholm ladies and lasses for what looks like will be a fantastic tournament!

Kit has arrived, flights are booked, photos will follow.

Players information:

  • Saturday night we are having a wig night. Get yourself a wig and don’t forget the camera!
  • Make sure Lorna has your mobile number incase we need it over the weekend
  • Lorna is the contact for this tournament: you can reach her on zurichnetball@gmail.com